Warm Cushion

Most suitable for desk-bound people with

  • Cold office environment
  • Weak physics
  • Menses pain/cramp
  • Helps relieve body ache/tension from the waist up
  • Can be used as a pillow as well. Similar benefits of improving blood circulation
  • Reduce problems of stiff neck and frozen shoulder
  • Helps reduce muscle ache after exercise if used under the calves
  • Protects the waist from the further strain
  • Benefits pregnant women as well. Reduces pressure on their backs


Specially designed, air pumped into the cushion helps support the body from the waist up. A must have for those who sit at their desks or drive for long hours – the FIR technology incorporated into the air cushion allows users the sensation of a heating effect upon their lower backs. This helps to ease muscle tension, reduce fatigue and relieve backache.


The above statements are based on the best knowledge of scientific principles, the intended physical effects and feedback based on actual application experience. The results may vary from individual to individual, depending on the respective physical conditions, and subject to the duration, frequency and manner of application.

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