Inactivity and inadequate sunlight with dormant sweat glands is common to most that prefer staying in air-conditioning environment. These result in premature degeneration and energy deficiency, which is linked to many metabolic syndromes. Our therapy devices are designed with technologies mentioned earlier, to compensate for the energy deficiency (see Energy page).

Muscle ache, back and knee pain are discomforts also linked to aging and degeneration of internal organs, as organs are power sources for meridians’ Qi. The applications of these devices ease the discomforts with associated relief to internals organs too. The devices are suitable for both home and clinical use. The effects of these energy devices are physical and non-invasive, suitable for repeated applications and without harmful side effects.


Deep Warming Energy & Detoxification


Fastest Pain Relief from All Angles

Table Lamp

Hand Free Pain Reliever


Travel Light Therapy Heater

Warm Cushion

Office Warm Support

iWand Plus

Needleless Acupuncture Anytime Anywhere

MAT Device

Activating Energy Channels


Personal Masseur


Refreshing Spring Water Anytime

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