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Deep Warming

Water is life, but not when our body water lack energy. Our ceramic semiconductors radiate deep warming far infrared waves (4 to 14 µm) to energize body water reducing their molecular cluster sizes. Smooth flowing of of extra cellular fluids improves our cells and cell membrane health. Increase water molecular vibration also results in deep warming into bones and marrow with enhanced cellular metabolism, as well as sweat detoxification of toxins, such as heavy metals stored in subcutaneous and visceral fat tissues.

Far Infrared Wave Length (4 to 14µm), known by the Japanese as light of life and nurture.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Unique ceramic semiconductors radiate energy wave to promote vasodilation:

Ceramic semiconductors radiate energy wave results in smaller clusters of energized water in our body:

Systemic & deep warming helps removal of acids and heavy metals

Local Deep Warming – Relieve discomfort in spine, neck, head, aching muscles and areas with poor circulation.

Examples of systemic ceramic energy effect monitored by ESG Scan (Before & After)

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