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Meridian Activation

Meridian activation technology with MAT device uses low frequency bio-current to activate energy flow along meridians and improve organ function. For example, activation of spleen-stomach meridians helps lower blood glucose by improving muscle utilization, balance/improve digestive discomfort, Qi imbalance, healthy energy flow, knee and ankle joints pain etc

Examples of Acupoint-Meridian combinations

Arrangement 1: Essential organ harmony, digestion, absorption, glucose, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, immunity.

Balance Yin (MuXie)-Yang (ShuXie)

Arrangement 2: Vitality, from adrenal glands, spinal nerves to brain pituitary axis, bones, kidney and bladder health.

Ascending Yang Water (Dumai)

Arrangement 3: Knee joint pain/inflammation/degeneration plus other joints problems (many other acupoint-meridian combinations, arrangements and possibilities)

Examples of MAT effects monitored by ESG Scan (Before & After)

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