Ion Cellar

(Low Potential Reversed-Oxidation Water)

What is “Oxidation”?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction when matter is oxidized or added with oxygen, in which case, the matter is combined with oxygen and it looses electron/s.


What is “Reverse-Oxidation” or “Reduction”?

Reverse-Oxidation or Reduction is a chemical reaction that removes oxygen from the oxidized matter, in which case, the matter looses oxygen but it gains electron/s.


What is “Oxidation Reduction (REDOX) Electrical Potential” or “ORP”?

Basically ORP is an electrical potential (or voltage, in mV) reading measured in potable water. Higher mV means greater oxidative power and being in oxidized state (become rusty). Most potable water has measured electrical potential of +400 to +700mV, due mainly to the presence of chlorine.


What is “Low Potential Reverse-Oxidation Water”?

This is potable water with oxidative power removed, with low potential (-50 to +150mV) and electrical properties very close to healthy body fluid (humor). So it is the ideal kind of water for better health.


– Please thoroughly clean and rinse the interior of cellar and filter core. During the usage, shake and rinse the filter core when the flow rate becomes slow.

– In countries and places where the supply water is with high concentration of silt, rust and other particles, primary filters should be used to remove these particles, before the ION Cellar.

– Please replace the filter core after 700 times X 2L or when the flow rate into the filter core became very slow ever after shaking and rinsing.


The above statements are based on the best knowledge of scientific principles, the intended physical effects and feedback based on actual application experience. The results may vary from individual to individual, depending on the respective physical conditions, and subject to the duration, frequency and manner of application.

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