iWand Plus

Most suitable for

  • Stress relief and activation of parasympathetic nervous system
  • Improving peristalsis and digestion 
  • Pain relief for ached muscles/joints/tooth
  • Wound healing/recovery
  • Improving absorption of topical application
  • Relieving cough and flu discomfort 
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Descending Qi and improving calm and stability

Body Care Examples
Most suitable for

  • Pain relief
  • Skin absorption of moisturizer/nutrients
  • Stress relief

Pet Care Examples
Most suitable for

  • Wounds healing 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Skin problems
  • Cold or flu

Acupuncture Points Examples
Most suitable for

  • Lower back pain 
  • Digestion and heart 
  • Stress and overwork

Strengthen infiltration in 1 minute, acupuncture care in 5 minutes, pain relieving in 10 minutes.


Key Features

Incorporates Euphoria Technology™ to generate a programmed and stable PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field) to deliver unprecedented healing power, aid in improving body microcirculation, promotes metabolism and enhances wellness without skin contact.    

Using ordinary red light (neither infrared nor laser) as a medium, the PVA Field is carried into the human body to enhance the microcirculation of dermis and subdermal tissue cells.


How does iWand Plus work?

When the protons in body fluids and tissue cells vibrate in random motions, body microcirculation is slow and weak. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known that a blocked meridian flow – in other words impeded microcirculation – will manifest into pain or illnesses.

With the application of Euphoria Technology™ in the iWand, the PVA Field can penetrate the dermis and subdermal tissues to align the vibration of protons in body fluids and tissue cells so that microcirculation becomes faster and stronger. Once a smooth meridian flow is re-established, the body’s own healing potential is maximized.


Relieve Pain:

Can remedy all kinds of pain and common illnesses, including: headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, arthritis, muscle aches, menstrual pain, gout, etc.


Improve microcirculation:

Point the light to the corresponding acupoints to enhance the body microcirculation. It can helps to treat sub-health conditions, immunity disorders, common women’s and men’s health problems; improve sex, enhance beauty and prevent illness.


Expedites the cutaneous absorption of topical applications:

Use the iWand over the area on which topical applications (e.g. skincare products and dermatological ointments) are applied for about 1 minute. The treatments will be quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin.


Rapid recovery of infection or wounds:

Suitable to use on all body parts including hair, wounds, eyes and skin.


iWand Plus Pet Care

Pets are equally same as human beings, need to experience birth and old age, sickness and death. iWand Plus is especially important for older and young pets. Body functional degradation, injuries, unsmooth of meridians and blood flow of older pets, have brought them a series of health problems, affecting the quality of their old age. While for the sickening young pets, their weak body might not be able to bear heavy doses of the drugs or surgical treatment. For mild issue such as cold, constipation and indigestion,  iWand Plus can works effectively to adjust the body energy, smoothen meridians, promote blood microcirculation, accelerate the new metabolism, to speed up the pet’s self-healing process.


Example of applications

Skin Disease:

Dog feet was having long-term bleeding due to skin disease. With an ineffective of drugs treatment, pet owner point the iWand Plus on the wound for 2 days, about a few hours a day. The wound began to dry and heal after a week.


Points Location
Feng Fu 1 cun directly above the midpoint of the PHL, directly below the occipital protuberance on the posterior midline of the head.
Feng Chi On the lateral side of the trapezius muscle level with GV 15, between C1 and C2. Start of outer meridian.
Shan Gen In the nasal labial groove, at the level of the mid-point of the nasal border of the ala nasi. On the opposite side of the body from the rest of the meridian.
Xin Shu Placed as BL11 but lateral to the caudal border of the spinous process of the 5th thoracic vetebra.
Wai Guan On the transverse crease of the carpal joint, in the the depression lateral to the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.
Jian Shi Proximal to the styloid process on the radius, 1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the carpus.



Points Location
Dan Shu Placed 1.5 cun lateral to the caudal border of the spinous process of the 11th thoracic vertebra.
Xia Wan Halfway between the umbilicus and the xyphoid process, on the midline.
Du Bi In the depression below the patella and lateral to the patellar ligament.
Hou San Li On the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia, in the depression between the caudal border of the tibia and the gastrocnemius muscle.


The above statements are based on the best knowledge of scientific principles, the intended physical effects and feedback based on actual application experience. The results may vary from individual to individual, depending on the respective physical conditions, and subject to the duration, frequency and manner of application.

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