Table Lamp

Most suitable for relieving

  • Joints/muscle aches
  • Stomach ache/menses cramp pain
  • Headache/migraine
  • Cold cough/asthma
  • Cold hands and feet

Patented Ceramic Semi-conductor Technology
Very safe: CE and GS certified
Far Infrared Rays of 4~14 microns

• Remove acne, reduce wrinkles and promote skin cells renewal:

GI’s Lifeenergy® Panda helps promote metabolism and activate cellular renewal. This helps the face to absorb the lotion/cream more easily. Over time, facial skin will improve and have more lustre.

How to use: Remove make-up completely – facial deep cleansing. Subsequently, use the Lifeenergy® Panda on the face for 5-15 min. the face may experience some numbness or turn rosy. This is entirely normal and is no cause for alarm. Apply facial lotion and pat face – smear on night repair cream – massage into face.


• Blocked nose:

A common problem among many, it is actually the body’s self-defence mechanism kicking in. when the air’s temperature is lower than that of our bodies, moisture forms in the nose to help keep the air more humid and warm. Or when our lungs suffer any discomfort, we will also experience a blocked nose. The Lifeenergy® Table Lamp used between the eyes and on the cheekbones helps dilate the blood capillaries in the nose thus improving blood circulation and clearing the nose.


• Eye Protection:

Myopia is a common problem among the young and old alike. It is the result of having to look at something for too hard and too long. When we look at something, the pupils of our eyes will contract and focus on the object. This is unhealthy as the muscles of our eyes are strained. Without ample rest, eyesight will worsen.

How to use: While closing your eyes, shine the Lifeenergy® Table Lamp between the eyes for about one minute. Vision will seemingly become clearer. The Lifeenergy® Table Lamp helps promote blood circulation, reactivate cells, relax eye muscles and protect the eyes.


• Stomach Upset:

The stomach digests and moves food by peristalsis. But when energy in our bodies is insufficient, the stomach can get upset easily.

How to use: A short usage of 15-30 min on the stomach can help relieve discomfort. (Some people might also experience farting in the process.)


• Relieve Migraines:

Migraines are generally the result of blood vessel blockage in the head. Though medication can help, more often than not the kidneys are affected as well. The Lifeenergy® Panda solves this problem for you while simultaneously reducing your reliance on medication.

How to use: Lie down and shine on the top of the head with the Lifeenergy® Table Lamp.


• Cough & Asthma:

White blood cells secreted by the blood capillaries to fight germs become phlegm when they die. Coughing occurs when the body lack energy to clear phlegm accumulated in the lungs.

How to use: Drink a cup of water first. Then use the Lifeenergy® Panda on the throat for 10-15 min. Your cough should subside.


• Speedy wound healing:

It is a well known fact that the Japanese enjoy longevity more than any other race in the world. In the warring times, its warriors religiously went for a hot spring bath after every battle. Part of the reason lies in the hot spring is due to numerous mineral substances that help to heal wounds. More importantly, hot springs provide the energy crucial in helping the body repair itself. GI’s Lifeenergy® Panda provides users with this same energy that promotes cellular renewal thus quickening the healing of wounds and preventing inflammation.


• Cold hands and feet:

Uses the Lifeenergy® Panda on lower abdomen to boost energy on pancreas, gastric and kidney, thus give warm to hands and feet.


• Dialysis patients:

Patients that receive the arterio-venous fistula* operation require about 4-8 weeks for the fistula vein to mature. During this period, the wound is prone to inflammation that can lead to other complications. The Lifeenergy® Table Lamp not only quicken the healing process, it also helps to maintain the efficiency of the fistula in the long run.

How to use: Use the Lifeenergy® Table Lamp on the wound after it has close. This will help prevent vascular sclerosis effectively and allow blood vessels to become more visible beneath the skin’s surface. This helps to lessen the hassle during an injection.


The above statements are based on the best knowledge of scientific principles, the intended physical effects and feedback based on actual application experience. The results may vary from individual to individual, depending on the respective physical conditions, and subject to the duration, frequency and manner of application.

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