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Perilla Tea

  • Natural moisturing & alkalizing herbal tea

Most Suitable For

  • Indigestion 2 tea bags, 250cc hot water
  • Cold, flu, cough & phlegm
  • Bronchitis
  • Sore throat add elderberry

Main Benefits

  • Promote the function of spleen and lung to calm cough and clear phlegm and pus
  • Smooth stomach discomfort and/or acid reflux
  • Prevent cough and cold and improve respiratory function
  • Cure chronic cough
  • Promote the functions of the respiratory and digestive systems.

Ingredients / Process

  • Perilla Leaves, Tangerine Peels, Liquorice Roots, Jasmine Flowers, Five Leaf Ginseng (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum)


Symptoms & Application:
Symptoms: Cough, Dry Throat/Ulcer, Loss of Voice, Cold or Flu, Acclimatized
Application: Put one tea bag into 200cc. of boiling water.  8-10 minutes later, drink it slowly while it is hot. 2-3 tea bags daily.

Symptoms: Indigestion, Stomach Upset, Acid Reflex
Application: Put one tea bag and a few slices of young ginger into  200 cc. of boiling water. 8-10 minutes later, drink it slowly while it is hot. Or add 10 cc. of ginger juice in the tea before drinking. 2-3 tea bags daily.

* Perilla tea does not contain caffeine; it has no stimulant effect that will disrupt sleep or digestion.


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