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  • Lower blood viscosity, reduce and prevent blood clot, improve microcirculation

Most Suitable For

  • Relieve stiff neck and shoulder
  • Relieve cold hand/feet

Main Benefits

  • Reduce cerebral cardiovascular risk
  • Prevent deep vein thrombus
  • Support immune system by reducing clots

Ingredients / Process

  • Extracted from Bacillus subtilis natto contain in “natto”, a Japanese traditional fermented food made from soybean.
  • The unique Baccilopeptidase F is developed under prolonged low temperature environment in Hokkaido, Japan.


Product Features:

  • NKCP is extracted from Bacillus subtilis var. natto which contain in “natto”, a Japanese traditional fermented food made from soybean. It contains the unique Baccilopeptidase F, which is successfully developed only by Daiwa Pharmaceutical, under prolonged low temperature environment in Hokkaido.
  • Purification to remove most of distinctive odor of natto and its vitamin K2 yields an easy-to-eat food that has a wide variety of uses as a functional food.
  • NKCP is standardized to contain specific levels of proteolytic enzymes Baccilopeptidase F, to dissolve clots in a balanced manner, without causing excessive blood thinning.
  • NKCP is function as:
    – an anticoagulant
    – thrombolytic and
    – decreases blood viscosity
  • The majority of the vitamin K2 has been eliminate, therefore it is less antagonistic to other drugs such as warfarin.
  • The principal functional enzyme (protease) is stable at pH 6.0-10.0 and at temperatures 60℃ or below.
  • By inhibiting thrombus formation and decreasing blood viscosity, orally administered NKCP helps maintain balance, shifts blood away from clot formation, and enhances circulation throughout the body.
  • NKCP has thrombolytic effect whereby it inactivates an unhealthy enzyme, plasminogen activator inhibitor(PAI-1) in the blood, increases the efficiency of body’s natural control mechanisms for blood viscosity.


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